Gatsby the Schnauzer's Adventures!

I'm Gatsby the Schnauzer! Some of my favorite activities are getting into trouble, playing fetch, or rocking out! I can be naughty, intelligent, rebellious, playful, angry, and everything in between, but most of all, curious! When no one's looking, I like to sneak into the laundry and then run around in my new outfit and go on one of my adventures! Depending on my attitude, I could be feeling athletic and start chasing after a ball or creative with my stolen paintbrush to work on my next masterpiece.

Below are 10,000 ways I love to show off my attitude and sense of fashion! I'm sure your favorite puppy can relate! One of these unique collectible characters can be yours with proof of ownership on the Solana Blockchain.

Ownership of a Gatsby the Schnauzer NFT means exclusive access to our community, a community for all dog lovers! It gives you a chance to be involved with our members-only access "The Dog Park," a community where we can share the crazy behavior of my best friends! More importantly, member feedback will help move my friends and me into the metaverse where we can meet digitally and play games!

Road Map

Road Map

(coming soon!)

Pay Day!

This gatsby the Schnauzer may generate 10x the Sol you paid to mint him!

My new friend

This Gatsby the Schnauzer may give you the chance to turn you furry friend into your very own NFT!

Let's Play!

This Gatsby the schnauzer will get you access to "the dog park" bring your favorite toy so we can play!


This Gatsby the Schnauzer can get you access to our p2e game where his attributes will win you all the treats!

I'm yours!

This Gatsby the schnauzer could get airdropped to you for free for joining our Dsicord!

More fun!

This Gatsby the Schnauzer can gain you unique perks for our future launches! Woof! woof!

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What is an NFT

An NFT stands for "Non-fungible Token" and is a fancy way of saying it's a unique, one-of-a-kind digital item that users can buy, own, and trade. Some of NFT's primary functions are to be digital art and look fantastic; some offer additional utility like exclusive access to websites or participation in an event; think of it like a rare piece of art that can also act as a "members" card.

What is Cryptocurrency/Solana

Cryptocurrency was made famous by Bitcoin, but Bitcoin is designed to transact and store ownership of Bitcoin itself. We are using a successor to Bitcoin called Solana, which allows for arbitrary computer code to be executed on the blockchain and the execution results to be stored forever. This is pretty cool! Typically, code is run on a server somewhere, and you basically need to trust the person running the server.

  Solana lets everyone execute the code, show each other what result they got, and agree that the code was executed properly and fairly. One of the key advantages of using Solana as opposed to one of its counterparts is the significantly cheaper transaction fees. For instance, Solana's fees are 60,000 times lower than Ethereum, making it an affordable alternative for the hobbyists who love their dogs!

How do I get a Gatsby the Schnauzer?

1. Download and install a Chrome browser plugin called Phantom. This will allow websites (that you authorize) access to your Solana account. Additionally, there is an app for your phone.

  2. If you made a new account, buy some Solana. The Phantom plugin has a button that will allow you to buy Sol from FTX US. An alternative is to buy Solana from Coinbase and send it to your phantom wallet.

  3. Once you have the plugin installed, this website will recognize it and add buttons that allow you to bid on, buy and sell a Gatsby directly in the interface.

  If you need any additional help, there are multiple resources to take advantage of that walk through this step by step, such as YouTube. As always, feel free to reach out to our discord community with any questions, and we'll be happy to help.

How many Gatsby's will be available upon release?

There will be 10,000 Gatsby the Schnauzers available for minting.

How much will a Gatsby cost to mint?

It will only cost 1 Sol to mint a Gatsby the Schnauzer.

Incredible! How do I get Involved!

Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook but more importantly, join our discord so you can be involved in all the updates!

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